DVRCam DVR surveillance and Wireless baby monitor wholesale and manufacturer
DVRCam DVR surveillance and Wireless baby monitor wholesale and manufacturer

New WiFiCam is Coming!

Use the WiFiCam by iPhone, Android or computer to watch over your home and loved ones. Use WiFiCam as a home video monitor, baby monitor, or puppycam. C101 is a day vision WiFiCam, not used in the darkness.


Micro SD Card DVRCam

C802 is the first surveillance camera including all in one secucity system, which is improved by Micro SD Card DVR CCTV system.  It is very useful to protect the small area, such as convenience store, garage, and office. 



Coomatec makes your security easier

Basics about Coomatec

Coomatec is an established, Chinese brand specialising in sale of small business surveillance and home security products. We offer a professional supply and online service of micro SD Card DVRCam and WiFiCam Baby monitor in Europe, United Kindom and USA(other areas available on request ). Our product ranges come with the manufacturer’s warranty and are sold through our official distribution channel and with 2 years warranties backed by us. Now Coomatec are offering authorization to some reliable surveillance company for better local support worldwide. To make an inquiry please call or email us. We are online Monday to Friday 9:00am-6:00pm.

Coomatec, owned by Coomatec Intelligence., Ltd, has been registered in Worldwide since 2013.


Coomatec Intelligence,. Limited, a Chinese family owned and operated company, built in 2012, not only have built distribution relationships and provided aftersale service to end-users worldwide, but also cooperate with other brand company as OEM/ODM partners.

WiFiCam C101 is a baby monitor based on IP remote view technology.  It helps you to view your baby or pets not only cooking or watching TV at home, but also shopping or running outside.

DVRCam is an improved camera based on the SD Card DVR and CCTV security system with functions of recording, infrared night vision and circularly storage. It cuts the complex DVR and CCTV settings into simple. That is a perfect solution for who surveillance the small area. 3-7 days video can be saved in a genuine 32GB TF card. Moreover, AV out models can be connected to TV to support realtime view. Everyone can buy one to install by yourself. 

Our Mission--Make Security  Easier!

You're housewives, and too busy to be with the things you love. With WiFiCam, you can use your iPhone, Android as a portal back home. Make sure your baby or puppy is safe. Very easy for everyone to make it work, even without PC or router settings.

You're small business owner, and want to protect your store or office. However, the SD Card DVR and CCTV security system cost too much and you must hire someone to wire and install. Now with DVRCam, you can set up easily and install by yourself.


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There is a niche that is hardly catered for in the low-cost baby monitor world - the standalone camera that can work with smart phone. Now one is about to hit the market - the Coomatec WiFiCam.
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In the world, there is no surveillance security system so simple as the Coomatec DVRCam yet. Without DVR and harddisk, the DVRCam can work with only 32GB TF card, save big money for you.
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"The small business securit market is now witnessing greater demand for innovative and managed security solutions." Coomatec improves the DVR and CCTV camera system to make security easier.