DVRCam Install Guide


The installation are updated from Jan,15th, 2015. And there will be some difference from the manual in your hand. Please follow this page to set up. Contact for technical problem.


Step 1


Insert TF card with card reader into PC, and then "Removable Disk" appears,



go to to set up as your model on the label of the color box.






a) The micro-SD card capacity available is above 2GB and the file system should be FAT32.


b) Please format the micro-SD card in first use if the camera can't recognise it.(The red light of camera blinks). 


c) Many fake micro-SD card make the DVRCam crash. Please buy genuine from our resellers.


Know how to test the micro SD card in this link:




Insert TF card into camera, and then plug in wall charger. 15 seconds later, the camera starts to record while the blue light is blinking.


The camera is now recording video and will continue to do so until stopped by removing the power.




a)insert position of different models as below:




C901&C902&C908H  Open the waterproof cover and front cover and insert TF card here.


b) Many fake micro-SD card make the DVRCam crash easy. If the dvrcam crashed, please reset it as this link:




If you want to look at the video recorded then unplug the camera from the power and either


a) remove the Micro SD card and plug it into your PC/Laptop using the Adaptor provided.


b) plug the camera directly into your PC/Laptop USB Port.




Download VLC Player as your operations system(Solution for no picture only noise)


Install and run the 3gp Player to view the videos that have been recorded on the SD Card.




a)If the videos recorded look good, but parts of them can't be played, please test your TF card in this link:


b)If there is no videos while the blue light is blinking, please plug in mains to record at least 30mins and press the small button in front of the SD Card to save the recording. Because the built-in battery run out, the dvrcam can't save video automatically.


c)If the camera don't overwrite old files, please insert the micro-SD card in the dvrcam and format it.


Warm Tips:


a)the dvrcam will start to overwrite previous recordings if runs out of space on Micro SD card, so check and download if you want to keep a recording.


b)the Ir leds shines back if you install dvrcam to look through windows.


c)If the colour of videos is a bit washy to you, please choose C901&C902&C908H, good color with IR Cut filter.


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